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市场部英文简历模板 以下是小编整理****的关于市场部英文简历的参考模板内容,快来阅读了解吧,希望对你有帮助。 市场部英文简历 Name:fwsir Gender:male Thecom

  The company telephone:

  Date of birth: date

  Home phone:


  Mobile phone:

  Zip code:

  Job objective: sales department

  Self evaluation

  Very fond of marketing work, has the extremely full entrepreneurial passion. In the two years engaged in ceramic marketing work has accumulated a lot of practical experience and customer resources. And the main province more than 20 home ceramic dealers to establish a very close relation, and in the industry has a wide range of business relations. In the last year of the province for the first time on the ceramic fair for the company signed overseas orders. Be able to solidarity my colleagues get good sales performance.

  Work experience

  In May 2011 - so far: as a China company"s marketing salesman.

  Mainly responsible for and the dealer sign distribution contract, handling the product packing, transportation, insurance, payment and settlement, after-sale products tracking, market feedback, and to open up new sales channels, etc. Responsible for the company"s new salesman of training, in the practical work of specific guidance and coordination of the salesman sales work, and has been the company"s praise.

  Education experience

  September 2009 - July 2012

  Science and technology vocational college

  International economy and trade


  Name: XXX Sex: Female

  Ethnic: Chinese political features: members

  Academic qualifications (degree): Bachelor of professional: the management of commercial enterprises

  Contact Tel: 12345678 Mobile: 139000234

  Contact Address: XX Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing on the 10th Zip: 100007

  Email Address: [email protected] pager :66881122-1234

  Educational background

  Graduate institutions: the University of North Industries, Department of Economics and Management 1988-1992

  Other: Other training

  1996 Beijing International Studies University in the self-study English; self-study marketing and management of undergraduate courses; have driver#39;s license

  Work experience

  * May 1998 --- the company has XX

  Senior director of planning

  Product advertising program development and cost control / planning and arrangements for the implementation of promotional activities / day-to-day advertising competing products monitoring, analy*** and timely adjustment of product planning program / market survey visit. Proposed, the development of complete retail terminals to improve the program / market of the year compared with sales data analy***, preparing next year#39;s advertising proposal

  Results: the effective marketing strategy to make reasonable XX company#39;s products to become well-known brand with the industry, product sales increase steadily, reaching the company expected sales target.

  * March 1995 --- March 1998 an international well-known enterprises

  Market Director

  A unified marketing strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation activities summary / formulation of advertising solutions, advertising agencies and advertising companies to complete the production and delivery / visits to the retail market, tracking regional retailers, sales agents in dynamic, competitive market dynamics monitoring / collection of market intelligence analy*** / coordination of external suppliers and the media to implement large-scale public relations activities

  Results: the company#39;s image and corporate culture has been widely disseminated, people. Product sales and market share steadily increased and become well-known brand with the industry.

  October 1992 * December 1994 --- XX Telecom

  Planning As***tant Manager

  Develop and implement sales plans, promotions promotional plan / marketing funds management / responsible for product sales in the Northeast region / technology center to coordinate the after-sales service and dealer relations between


  For many years served on the large and medium-sized enterprise market, the planning department, I have accumulated a wealth of work experience, to grasp the market dynamics, carried out the planning and implementation of the market as a whole to have an in-depth study and self-study marketing and management of undergraduate courses. I work in a serious and responsible, like to accept new challenges and strive to fulfill.


  Broad-loving. Favorite ball games and climbing, the University was the school football team. Also like singing, music and so on.

  I character

  Moderate, modest, self-discipline, self-confidence (based on the person#39;s circumstances)。

  Another: the most important thing is the ability, I believe that your company will feel that I am a suitable candidate for this position!

  Look forward to working with your interviews